Important Note for FSX Pilots

Please recall that FSX defaults in the Virtual Cockpit mode. The Nav Trainer HAS NO VIRTUAL COCKPIT!! Therefore you must fly the Nav Trainer in the 2D Panel Mode. If you are unfamiliar with how to change FSX from the Virtual Cockpit mode to the 2D Panel Mode, here are the steps:

  1. Load up the Nav Trainer and you will see an empty default panel.

  2. Click the views tab at the top of the screen (press the alt key if the menu across the top of the screen is not visible)

  3. Then on the drop-down menu, click View Mode

  4. Click Cockpit

  5. Click Cockpit on the new menu window that appears to the right

Your Nav-Trainer 2D Panel should now appear.

If the aircraft engine is not running, press CTRL-E to start the engine.

Download the FSX Cessna Nav Trainer