Inbound Tracking Flight no. 1

Today's weather is poor. Set in 1500 ft. overcast with a visibility of 3 miles. Start the timer at the beginning of your takeoff roll. Depart from The Gabreski airport, KFOK, on Long Island, New York, using Rwy 33. Your destination is Meriden, Connecticut, KMMK. Tune in the Meriden NDB—"MMK"—on 238 kHz. On departure turn right to the 001° bearing to MMK, 41 nm. distant. You may not receive the MMK NDB until three or four minutes after departure. Climb to 3000 ft. Your flight time will be 25 minutes at 110 kts. cruise. Fifteen minutes into the flight begin a 500 fpm descent, maintaining 110 kts. Slow to approach speed on reaching 1000 ft., 500 ft. below the overcast. Continue tracking inbound on the 001° bearing until sighting the airport and Rwy 36 then execute a visual landing. Field elevation is 101 ft.

Inbound Tracking Flight no. 2

Same route, same weather, but the wind has picked up. It's now 30 kts from 310°. Note: prior to starting your takeoff roll your airspeed indicator will read about 28 kts. That is from the strong surface headwind which will considerably shorten your takeoff run (but lengthen the flight).

Hopefully, by now you have downloaded and installed the Virtual E6-B Computer. If so, here are the numbers that you should have calculated for climb (90 kts IAS) and Cruise (110 kts IAS):

Total Distance of flight 41 NM
Time to climb to 3000 ft @ 700 fpm 4.2 minutes
Ground speed during climb 68 kts
WCA During Climb 15° L
Magnetic Hdg during Climb 346°
Distance during climb 5 NM
Distance for Cruise & Descent 36 NM
Ground Speed during Cruise & Descent 89 kts
WCA during Cruise & Descent 12° L
Magnetic Hdg during Cruise & Descent 349°
Time to Cruise 36 NM at 89 kts 24 minutes
Total Time En Route 28 minutes

With these numbers, now proceed as in the previous flight.

NOTE: Obviously one doesn't descend at 110 kts all the way to the runway threshold, but slows to enter the traffic pattern. Adding five minutes to the calculated ETE gives a good approximation of your actual flight time.